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QUESTION 1.) With the release of Season 7 of The Clone Wars, would Hasbro consider releasing new 3 3/4-Inch Clone Wars figures in the Animated Clone Wars style to allow fans to have a cohesive collection that爄ncludes some of the new onscreen designs?

ANSWER: Eric Franer: That's a really interesting idea. We know that those Clone Wars figures were really well-received in the past, and they are honestly really cool looking. I know I had a couple in my office kind of sitting there from those previous collections. So it's something that we would definitely like to consider moving forward. We can't specifically comment on any figures that have not been released yet. We're constantly kind of listening to feedback in the fan community and working hard to bring figures to shelves that we think fans will be excited about, so if there are things like this, we do go into forums, we do read comments. We try to collate all of those to be able to kind of have the ammo to bring back to our team and our management to say "Hey, this particular figure, this particular line is getting a lot of support online, this is something that the fans obviously want." Anything that we can get in terms of ammo to bring back and say "Look, this is the actual request for these." Anything like that can help, so if there is something you guy would like to see, definitely comment on it, let us know. It's something that I think would be really cool, and yeah, we'd like to potentially see it in the future.

QUESTION 2.) Yoda in the Yoda and Luke two-pack is packaged with an alternate head,燼nd Luke has alternate hands. This is much appreciated, and will we begin to see more of this going forward?

ANSWER: Eric Franer: That pack in particular is a deluxe price point, especially with being a two-pack. And deluxe price points and items like that where we have a higher SRP, we will see more things like that moving forward. Obviously, it's a case by case basis, where if it makes sense, what all comes in that deluxe pack. There are certain figures and certain characters that don't lend themselves well to alternate heads or accessories like that. But it's something, at least on our end, as we have more money to play with it's something we'd like to see more of. But it's definitely a case by case basis. But with things like that where it's a deluxe two-pack it's something where we try to put as much value into it as possible, especially to justify that higher price point.

QUESTION 3.) In an interview last September, Hasbro's Senior Director of Global Marketing estimated that only about a third of the products produced for燭he Rise of Skywalker爃ad been released on Triple Force Friday. When will we begin seeing the rest?

ANSWER: Patrick Schneider: We got this one at New York Comic-Con as well, and so we clarified then, it had to be clarified, basically this was a misunderstanding and a misquote. If you go back to kind of the original question and the answer, he was indicating that what we are seeing THAT room that he was being interviewed in represented 1/3 of the products available for the Rise of Skywalker line. Basically in that room it didn't include the entire Triple Force Friday range, and this honestly is not us trying to shift things around. Like if you go back and read that, that's what he intended and that's what was true and we discussed it the day afterwards because we saw comments on the fan sites saying that "this is only a third of it", so we tried address that quickly at New York Comic-Con, but as you guys know it's kind of hard to get the word out, so thank you for asking and honestly if you go back to New York Comic-Con that was our answer then, that's just the situation. That's what was in that room at the time. So at this point we've seen most of what we'll see for Rise of Skywalker, obviously as with all movies, it's a great source of inspiration that we'll draw on for the future, but there's no surprise second push of Rise of Skywalker陌陌里幸福飞艇多少陌币 coming in the coming months.

QUESTION 4.) Most of the recent convention exclusives have been a figure that has been, or will be released at regular retail, but with exclusive accessories燼nd packaging.爐 was teased a bit in the livestream, but will the Kenner-Colored Boba Fett ever be available again? It's highly sought after in the secondary market and it's initial offering on HasbroPulse was almost non-existent. It's unique appearance makes it very different from most other convention exclusives.

ANSWER: Patrick Schneider: Another good question. Apologies, any tease on the livestream was not intentional. They're basically showing that to kick off the 4-LOM and Zuckuss two-pack. Basically it's a continuation of that collection of 6-Inch figures in the original Kenner deco. It's interesting, again we talk a lot about balance and I think it's that same balance of persons who bought these at conventions, wanting to make that special. I've said our ideal for all items including those conventions exclusives is that we will produce the exact number that fans will want, but we are also aware if we produce too much, obviously that has negative repercussions you know. And also it makes it honestly less exciting, less special for fans if they buy an SDCC exclusive and then they're sitting on up Hasbro Pulse for weeks and months. So we try to avoid that as well. Boba Fett obviously did really well, there were actually good volumes on HasbroPulse, they just sold through very quickly. But as we talked about earlier in the conversation, the Han in Carbonite that we revealed on the livestream is obviously pulled in from a 2013 SDCC exclusive, so there's definitely that precedent we could see it in the future, again if the demand is there.

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